Monday, April 6, 2015

Bullish on Certainty

That's the title of APJ Gilbert's DJ column today, in which he references bulldogs, turtles, irrational numbers, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, recent Supreme Courts (both SCOTUS and Cal), and quotes Justice Holmes to support both a majority and dissenting view about statutory interpretation.
His conclusion, of course, is that "certainty" is "illusive and often unattainable." At least we can enjoy the road to this (unsatisfying) conclusion with Justice Gilbert leading the way.
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Let's go for a little excursion...
Perhaps Charon leads us to a form of certainty?
Or, given the time of year, Form 1040?

Another form of certainty, lawyer incivility, may be addressed by ABTL-LA's updated Ethics, Professionalism and Civility Guidelines.

And another certainty: anti-SLAPP cases aren't going away. So check out Thomas Burkes article in today's DJ, Wrap-up Of The Latest Anti-SLAPP Decisions .