Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cart before the horse?

In this unpublished decision, note that footnote 7 (on page 6) cross-references footnote 5 (on page 4) using "post." According to the Yellowbook, this should be ante, not post, and should be italicized: "use ante (before) and its opposite, post (after) to refer to earlier or later parts, pages, or footnotes within an opinion." (Yellowbook sec. 5:7.)
7 See footnote 5, post.
"Paging Ed Jesson! Code Blue! Please report to the footnote ER."
(That's "emergency room," not "excerpts of record," you appellate nerds; and "code blue" has nothing to do with A Uniform System of Citation.)

Speaking of error correction, here's an order (and rule, Rule 8.155(c)(1)) you don't see too often:
The court, on its own motion, directs the superior court to the correct case number identified on the judgment. (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.155(c)(1).) The case number is mistakenly identified as 37-2013-00929085-CU-WM-CTL, and should be identified as 37-2013-00029085-CU-MC-CTL.