Thursday, January 8, 2015

"A younger, revamped state Supreme Court" takes the bench...

The curtain rises...
Today's Recorder presents Cuéllar, Kruger Tackle First Cases, But Give Few Cues, discussing yesterday's Supreme Court arguments with our two new Justices. "Cuéllar looked delighted just to be there" and "listened with raised eyebrows, leaning forward and nodding along to the appellate lawyers' arguments. When he interjected with questions, which was often, he punctuated them with sweeping hand gestures." Kruger "was more reserved." But it "was clear both newbies, neither of whom has prior judicial experience, had researched the issues deeply beforehand and arrived well-versed" in the cases; they "posed factual questions, tossed off references to case law and state code with apparent fluency, and posed a few hypotheticals."

The DJ's Emily Green gives her take in "New state high court justices make distinct impressions during first oral argument: Justices Mariano-Florentino Cueller [sic] and Leondra Kruger display differences in first oral argument." "Cuellar has an uncommonly expressive face. His eyebrows were in constant motion, he frequently nodded, and his natural expression was that of a smile. Kruger, sitting in the seat reserved for the junior-most justice, hardly stirred or gave any indication of what she was thinking." In addition to detailed coverage of the arguments, this article also notes that Cuellar's staff includes three permanent research attorneys: Richard Rochman (from Baxter's chambers), Victor Rodriguez (from Corrigan's chambers), and Aileen McGrath (former law clerk to SCOTUS Justice Breyer) -- and two annual clerks: Phil Brest and Emily Curran (a former law clerk for the 7th Cir.'s Diane Wood and USDJ Koh).

Today's DJ also presents an appellate article by Blair Schlecter: Temporary Judge, Untimely Appeal, about Gonzales v. Aurora Loan Services.

Click here for 9th Circuit rule changes effective Jan. 1, 2015.