Monday, December 8, 2014

Appellate round-up

Today's DJ offers:

  • 'Tech Savvy' Justice Has Big Goals for Seat on Judicial Council, about Justice Chin taking Justice Baxter's Judicial Council seat in January. A former chair of the state judiciary's technology committee, Justice Chin has a keen interest in "promoting the use of new IT innovations to improve courts' efficiency." Other tech ideas mentioned in the article include video-remote traffic court appearances and video-remote interpreting.
  • APJ Gilbert's monthly column: A Tale of 'Death' During the Holidays, which notes that he has penned 230 DJ columns over the past 26 years.
  • Image result for old schnauzer
Also of interest from last week, UCLAw's Professor Richard Re presented Narrowing Precedent at the US High Court, a précis of his recent Columbia Law Review article about how SCOTUS treats its own past decisions -- e.g., narrowing versus overruling. (And speaking of the Columbia Law Review, this recent SLAPP article here may be of interest.)

Finally, don't miss this special report on the SCOTUS bar.