Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"State high court speaks with one voice on State Bar issues, less so on others"

That's today's top story in the DJ, in which Emily Green examines the Cal Supreme Court's "2012-13 term," concluding, "When it comes to pornography and lies, it seems, the justices have something of a moralistic streak. They are more sympathetic to children brought to the country illegally." The article counts dissents (up from 14 two years ago to 20 cases this term) and 4-3 splits (doubled from two years ago from three to six), and discusses  personnel changes to the Court (e.g., Kennard and Baxter leaving). 

The DJ also has an obituary for Justice H. Walter Croskey: 1933-2014, "who died last Friday at 81 after a short illness." The article includes quotes from many justices, including Justice Epstein: "His politics are conservative, but you never can tell his politics from his decisions. He was right down the middle."

Also, Berkeley appellate lawyer Andrew Dhuey offers Federal Circuit Should Lead Online Access, about the recent announcement that PACER will delete case info from the 2d, 7th, 11th, and Federal Circuits, which he finds "unfortunate and troubling, to put it mildly." (See ABA Journal PACER deletes older case files for four appeals courts; compatibility issues cited.)