Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Law360 profiles Justice Manella

Law360 presents The Diligent Judicial Journeyman: Justice Nora Manella here. The detailed article begins:
To many, the notion that someone would voluntarily give up the prestige and job security of a federal district court seat — as California Court of Appeal Justice Nora Manella did in 2006 — is almost inconceivable.
It continues:
One could easily mistake the 63-year-old Justice Manella — a self-described “valley girl by birth” with a wry, self-deprecating charm whose hobbies include ballet and needling her friends with Cole Porter-esque parody songs — for a woman two decades her junior.
More Auntie Mame than Valley Girl.
Justice Nora M. Manella
"I would say my father was a tax attorney and people would always think I said 'taxidermist,'
but to tell you the truth I didn't really know the difference."