Monday, August 4, 2014

Profile of 5th DCA's longest-serving justice: Bert Levy

Today's DJ profiles 5th DCA Justice Levy, who, with 17 years under his belt, is the longest-serving justice on the court (and has no plans to retire). The profile reports that the Fresno native  "leans center-right jurisprudentially" and is "exceptionally nice."

His great-grandfather helped draft Fresno's City Charter.
Today's DJ also features Justice Gilbert's latest: Almost the Truth, which cites Palsgraf and notes that "Most of our stories in law or elsewhere are, at best, almost the truth."  He also discusses Judge Aldisert's latest book "Almost the Truth, A Novel of the Forties and the Sixties."

Remember "one man, one vote" (Baker v. Carr?). Today we have "one order, one appeal" -- see here.