Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Details from 9th Cir.'s latest Annual Report

Below is a quick summary of items from the 9th Circuit's 2013 Annual Report.
For 9th Circuit watchers, none of this will be new or newsworthy.

  • the overall reversal rate was 8.3% (cf. the nat'l average is 6.7%)
    • civil appeal reversal rate (not including gov cases) = 19.7%
    • civil cases involving the government = 6.8%
    • 11.5% for original proceedings
    • 8.3% in agency appeals
  • median time from notice of appeal to disposition = 13.3 months
  • median time from reply brief to submission or argument = 8.7 months
  • median time for panel decisions after argument = 1.2 months
  • workload for the 9th Cir. held steady
    • District courts account for 61% of appeals (the 4 Cal districts accounted for 64% of new civil appeals)
    • BIA appeals are 30.3%
  • prisoner petitions & immigration cases predominate the docket
  • pro pers filed 52% of all new appeals
  • the court has 29 judges (a full complement) for the first time in its history
  • 16 senior status 9th Cir. judges worked on matters
  • the Circuit is live-streaming audio & video of all arguments
    • all 11 courtrooms in the 4 9th Cir. courthouses have video
    • one each in SF, PAS & Portland have high-def! (So you can see every bead of sweat...)
  • the Appellate Lawyer representatives created a free practice guide
  • Active judges can have up to 4 law clerks (Sr.'s get 3) and the most represented schools were Yale, Stanford and Harvard
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