Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More good opening lines

"This is a strange case." Sounds like maybe the start to a decision by Justice Beds, but it's not this time. What's puzzling Justice Robie? Something about club membership: click here for the details.

Instead, Justice Beds starts off his latest decision here with this nice line: "While appellant correctly identifies this as a “What’s in a name?” case, the Shakespearean reference sheds little light on its proper resolution."

And then there's this opening line today: "This appeal echoes a familiar cry from the American Revolution—“No taxation without representation!” " See here.
  • In today's DJ, Jimmy Azadian offers a "Review of What's Left on the High Court's Docket" for this term.
  • And loyal reader Jeffrey Lewis points out this non-pub here, which has a good discussion of appellate jurisdiction over post-judgment fee awards.