Monday, June 23, 2014

DJ Buffet (of appellate articles)

The DJ's Emily Green continues with Governor Gets a Second Chance to Remake State High Court: Recent Retirement Announcement Means Two More Seats to Fill. No further elaboration here; you simply must read this article and enjoy its memorable quotes. (See also The Recorder, For Governor, a Chance to Remake High Court.)

Next, lawyer David DeGroot offers 9th Circuit Gets More Than its Fair Share of Scrutiny, detailing stats about the Circuit's 10 reversals in 11 cases. He computes that SCOTUS reviews a greater share of the 9th Circuit's cases than its 19.7% share of national population would suggest. See also John Roemer's DJ article from last Thursday, Winners of U.S. Supreme Court Term Include Patent Defendants, District Judges, quoting Kathleen Sullivan as saying "The Federal Circuit has become the new 9th Circuit." Not to be outdone, UC Davis's Vik Amar called the 6th Circuit "another new 9th Circuit."

Today's DJ also profiles FFF, Senior 9th Circuit Judge Ferdinand F. Fernandez, calling the "famously reclusive" Clinton-appointee a "staunch conservative."

(Not FFF.)