Monday, March 31, 2014

Justice Nicholson profiled

Today's DJ profiles 3d DCA Justice George Nicholson (George W. Nicholson is known as a 'restless intellect' with boundless energy in and out of court). The article emphasizes that even after 20 years as an appellate justice -- authoring more than 3K opinions -- Justice Nicholson "continues to impress ... with his boundless energy and big ideas." He is "always looking for new challenges and new opportunities"; he is always pondering the "bigger picture about courts and the public." When his friends and colleagues receive long emails explaining an idea they call it "getting Nicked."
George Nicholson, Associate Justice
Retired Justice Sims is quoted: "He had a great record of getting me reversed. When I'd see Nicholson dissenting, it sent chills up my back."