Saturday, March 29, 2014

Justice Humes profiled

Friday's DJ profiled 1/4's Justice James Humes (James Humes, Gov. Jerry Brown's longtime trusted adviser, is making his mark on the appellate court), who was appointed in 2012.

Humes served as Brown's chief deputy at the state attorney general's office, and, when Brown became governor, as one of his two senior-most advisers. There, Humes - who claimed he has "zero political instinct" - supervised all the "nonpolitical stuff," including high-stakes litigation against the state. ... Humes instantly made history by becoming the first openly gay appellate court justice in California. ... former colleagues painted a picture of a man nearly universally adored as a top-rate lawyer and brilliant manager.

Comments include: "Jim is just incredibly fair and honest and ethical"; "never form over substance"; "doesn't beat about the bush."

The article notes that many expect Brown to name Humes to the Supreme Court eventually, perhaps even to take Justice Kennard's seat.

And, because "He really appreciates good writing. He is almost an artist when it comes to wanting every word to count," he'd probably appreciate this latest article by Bryan Garner: Ax These Terms From Your Legal Writing