Thursday, December 26, 2013

DJ Profiles Incoming 9th Cir. Chief Judge

Low-Key Montana Jurist Set to Become 9th Circuit's Chief Judge, is today's DJ story (by John Roemer) about Judge Sid Thomas, whom the article says "is in many ways an anti-Kozinski." The article describes him as: "low-key" and "soft-spoken" (in contrast to the "flamboyant" Kozinski), a talented administrator, good communicator, good writer, smart guy, (and this gem) he's "just Stephen Reinhardt in a cowboy hat" (see here too). Another tidbit: he was one of ten people interviewed for the SCOTUS seat that went to Justice Kagan. And finally, a SoCal note: "He will inherit from Kozinski a big construction project, the building of a new Central District courthouse in Los Angeles, slated for completion in 2016."

Those looking for more information should NOT go to Instead, try the 7/28/97 ("he's a mensch" with "a good social conscience") or 1/5/10 ("extremely talented") DJ profiles.
(Oh, and if you're wondering why certain 9th Circuit judges who are not on senior status and who have more seniority than Judge Thomas -- i.e., Judges Pregerson, Reinhardt, O'Scannlain -- are not being elevated to the chief judge spot, the answer is that the job has an age requirement: those 65 and older are ineligible.)