Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dec. 4 is IALA's Supreme Court Night

Every December, since before the memory of man runneth not, the Italian American Lawyers Association has hosted the California Supreme Court at the Casa Italiana in downtown LA (1051 N. Broadway). This year's event is December 4, so now is the time to buy your table or ticket. How can you resist coming to see the Supremes sip Campari, slurp spaghetti, and spoon up spumoni?
Details: Wed. 12/4/13 Cocktails @ 5:30, Dinner & Program @ 6:30
Music by Gary Green, Esq. and His Big Band of Barristers

Photo from IALA 2010: The Chief gets Rosetta Stone's Italian language program,
while surrounded by the appellate bar's luminaries.