Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Intros that make you want to read more

Two great intros today. First, here's the entire introduction in a decision today that entices the reader to keep reading:
This case involves "‘a particularly unpardonable fault of the prosecutor-unpreparedness.’" (People v. Whitaker....)

Second, there's this start to this opinion that cries out for further reading:
An attorney's website advertised her success in two cases raising issues similar to those she was about to try here. The trial court admonished the jury not to "Google" the attorneys or to read any articles about the case or anyone involved in it. Concerned that a juror might ignore these admonitions, the court ordered the attorney to remove for duration of trial two pages from her website discussing the similar cases. We conclude this was an unlawful prior restraint on the attorney's free speech rights under the First Amendment.
 With such interesting cases popping out, how can anyone get any work done...


Here's another one:
[Plaintiff] filed a statement of contest seeking to prevent the Secretary of State from certifying the election results of the 2012 primary election, contending President Obama is not a natural born citizen, and thus is ineligible for the office of the President, and that California voter rolls are rife with fraud.