Thursday, October 3, 2013

DJ Profiles APJ Raye

Today's DJ profiles the 3d District's Vance Raye, who has been on the 3d DCA for 22 years, the last three as APJ. The article describes Raye being "gentle," "polite," "formal," and "quiet and reserved," at oral argument. Back in August 2005 the DJ ran a longer, much deeper profile on Justice Raye that characterized him as a "politically savvy" "moderate conservative" who "can be tough on criminals," but can be "compassionate to the vulnerable." That article also noted that he "stood up for the rights of gay couples to qualify for marriage benefits as domestic partners" and further described him as "reserved in person, deliberative and keenly intelligent."
A flamboyant "Raye" with two stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame --
very much unlike the Justice, who is:

Vance W. Raye, Associate Justice
"Not the kind of guy who seeks to bring unnecessary attention to himself."