Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DJ Profiles 1/5's PJ Jones

Today's DJ profiles 1/5's PJ Barbara Jones, who has been on the Court of Appeal 17 years (and PJ of 1/5 for all that time but two years). The profile says she has a "relatively low profile, with a reputation as collegial, incisive and moderate." She is active during oral argument and her division sends pre-argument "focus letters." She also "takes great pride in her administrative duties" as PJ. What does that mean? Well, 1/5 has the fastest median time in civil appeals from notice of appeal to opinion (382 days) and the fastest 90th percentile disposition rate too (623 rate). She also designed a system for distributing cases among 1/5's justices because "The presiding justice should not be able to keep the good stuff."

An avid cyclist: "The muse visits me while I am riding a bike"