Monday, September 12, 2011

State Bar Appellate Programs

In addition to hearing Justice Fybel speak, be sure to check out the five appellate practice programs sponsored by the State Bar Committee on Appellate Courts:

Inside the Appellate Courts:  Insights from Research Attorneys.
Speakers:  Don Davio, Pablo Drobny, Melissa Johnson, Jennifer King, Nathan Scott & John Kennedy.
Thu. Sep. 15, 2:15-3:45.

Appellate Ethics, Sanctions, and Malpractice Traps.
Speakers:  Justice Judith L. Haller, Benjamin Shatz & Justice Laurie Zelon.
Fri, Sep. 16, 8:30-10.

Punitive Damages: What Every Litigator Should Know.
Speakers:  Raymond A. Cardozo, Justice Margaret Grignon & R. Rex Parriss
Fri, Sep.16, 10:30-12.

U.S. Supreme Court Update.
Speakers:  Vikram D. Amar, Paul Johnson & Eugene Volokh
Sat, Sep.17, 8:30-10.

The Joys of Solo Appellate Practice.
Speakers:  Sharon Arkin, Kathryn Davis & John Derrick
Sat, Sep. 17, 2:15- 3:45

Thanks to Ben Shatz, chair, Committee on Appellate Courts (2010-2011) , for the speaker info.