Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Respondent Filing Fees

A new statute (Gov’t Code s 68926, subd. (b)(1)-(3)) requires the collection of a $325 filing fee for respondents when they file their first document in the Court of Appeal.  This applies to respondents and real parties in interest for all civil appeals and civil writ petitions.  Passage of the legislation was covered by the At the Lectern blog here and here, which also has a link to the bill here.

The Fourth District, Division Three is trying to get the word out that it will start collecting the fees today from respondents who filed their first document after August 30, 2011.  But respondents who filed a document in a case prior to August 30th are exempt from the fee. 

The court has posted a public notice concerning the fee at its filing window.  It will also hand the notice to all those who come to the court, as well as send them with each new notice of appeal and writ petition in civil matters.