Friday, May 20, 2011

A Tribute to Presiding Justice Sills

OC Register columnist Frank Mickadeit wrote a touching piece this week on his attempt to see the "Best judge in O.C. history," PJ Sills, take the bench once again before retirement. 

Frank quotes lawyer Tim Strader as saying, "'I consider [PJ Sills] to be perhaps the most respected jurist in the history of Orange County . . . His opinions are some of the best ever written.'"  He also describes "a 32-page masterpiece" of an opinion, in which the PJ "references Shakespeare ('Henry V,' 'Henry VIII,' 'Hamlet'), Lewis Carroll ('Alice in Wonderland'), Mother Goose ('Humpty Dumpty'), the Old Testament (Daniel, Proverbs), the New Testament (Luke), Mark Twain, Orson Welles and Stephen Sondheim."