Friday, May 20, 2011

Daily Journal: Appellate Lawyers Edition

(1) Quoted in today's front-page Daily Journal article on Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye is OC appellate lawyer M.C. Sungaila, who commends the Chief for withstanding sexism with grace.  Still, says M.C., "'I'm waiting for the moment when [the Chief] says, "This is it," comes out guns blazing' . . . . 'I'm sure she'd do it in a graceful way.  Anyone who gets to her position is not a pushover.'"

(2) Also in today's DJ, the Small Firm Focus section features appellate firm Horvitz & Levy.  The article describes the firm's "collaborative structure" and its lawyers' "niche[s] within the already specialized realm of appellate law."  The firm's advice?  "Narrow your focus and do that one thing 'to supreme excellence.'"