Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OCBA Appellate Section: Prop 8 Presentation

The OCBA Appellate Law Section is pleased to announce its January meeting: a special presentation on a special date at a special date and time!

Chapman Law Professor Katherine Darmer will give her much-anticipated presentation on Proposition 8 and its ensuing appeals. She has spoken to us before on national security issues and is a recognized expert on Prop 8. We're delighted to have her speak.

Fitting this special presentation, the section will meet on a new date in January -- THURSDAY, January 14th, at 12 noon.

We will also meet at a new place: the private dining room at McCormick & Schmick's. The restaurant is located at 2791 North Main Street in Santa Ana, directly east across Main Street from the entrance to the Main Place mall.

Our Appellate Section meeting will end a little early, say 1:10, so those who have been invited to (and RSVP'd for) the Court of Appeal dedication at 1:30 may attend that event.