Monday, December 4, 2023

Appellate obits & more...

Friday's DJ had two obits of note: Sandra Day O'Connor, 1930-2023 ["In California, where O’Connor began her legal career, the profession and the judiciary is even more diverse than it is nationally. The chief justice is a woman and three of the associate justices are women, making up the majority of the seven-member state Supreme Court. Women are the administrative presiding justice in three of California’s six court of appeal districts and the presiding judges of 20 of California’s 58 counties."] and Gideon Kanner 1930-2023 [quoting this blog's obit post]. And see here.

Today's DJ has PJ Gilbert's A Flicker of Hope? offering thoughtful musings on A.I.

Today's DJ also has Myron Moskovitz's column On Criticizing Judges, pointing to Poe v. Pioneer Medical Group (2023) 2023 WL 7204940, as an example of what not to do. As for what to do, focus on "what trial judges do, not who they are." "[T]he appellate Justices usually already know the reputation of each trial court judge in their district" and he writes:
"there’s rarely any call to use any[ adjective] stronger than “mistaken”. That’s just as likely to get me my reversal as “outrageous” or “ridiculous” – so long as I show the trial court’s error with the record and the law."
U.S Courts has Director’s Awards Recognize 19 Employees for Leadership, Service, noting winners in the 5th and 6th Circuits.