Sunday, November 26, 2023

RIP Gideon Kanner (1930-2023)


The appellate world has lost a legend. Gideon Kanner passed away on Wednesday, 11/22/2023. A founder and the first president of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers, he led an amazing life: Holocaust survivor, actual rocket scientist, law professor, eminent domain guru, persistent advocatefierce advocate, appellate maven, colorful writer (and here), blogger, inspiration, raconteur, gadfly, curmudgeon. Those are just a few ways to describe this remarkable mensch.  He was already a figure of mythical stature over 30 years ago, when Loyola Law Review published its Tribute to Gideon Kanner, 24 Loy. L.A.L.Rev. 515 (1991). He was the sort of lawyer who didn't just earn awards and honors, but had awards named after him. Frequent invoker of "bubbale" and "TANSTAAFL," his devoted fans ensconced him in the FLFL ("free lunch for life") Club, just to try to prove him wrong about something -- and enjoy his utterly unique company.

He will be sorely missed, but his stories and legacy will live on.