Wednesday, April 26, 2023

DJ profiles PJ Rubin

Today's DJ has Justice Laurence Rubin says best arguments are like 'serious conversation' -- 2nd District justice praised for intellectual curiosity, patience

  • "It's a very important thing to have lawyers feeling comfortable -- but not too comfortable -- in the courtroom. The best arguments I've had are ones in which we're having a serious conversation. The power is on one side, but I think it's hard for lawyers to have conversations in that sense unless they're basically comfortable."
  • "Without belaboring the point," he said calmly, "'you guys' is not the correct way of referring to us.'"
  • Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Colin P. Leis, who worked for Rubin as a research attorney for 13 years, said the justice is "very personable, very warm, very kind, very patient."