Monday, January 23, 2023

USNS Earl Warren


The San Diego Union Tribune has Navy christens massive ship bearing name of legendary Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, noting: At the pierside ceremony in San Diego (on Saturday), current Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan spoke of Warren’s courage in advancing civil and individual rights.

Acting on behalf of the Navy, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan slammed the bottle against the gunmetal gray hull of the USNS Earl Warren, causing a frothy explosion that left her covered in bubbly.
Bloomberg has Americans Like the Supreme Court More — But Still Not That Much -- Support reaches 47%, still well below September 2020 level. Poll sees support for ruling barring race-conscious admissions. has Is ChatGPT Ready for Its Day in Court? Experts Say No Way -- While ChatGPT has legitimate potential uses in the legal industry, recent proposals that amount to having the technology practice law on behalf of clients are a step too far in the mind of legal experts.