Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Support the CSCHS

Today's DJ has Dan Kolkey's article Why is there a California Supreme Court Historical Society? which concludes:

Needless to say, these oral history projects, programs, the biannual Review, and our annual journal, California Legal History, all depend on financial support, which is tax deductible except for the cost of the hard copies of the publications that you receive. You can find our membership form and the various levels of membership on our website at A dues checkoff for the Society is also available to attorneys when they pay their State Bar dues. Help us preserve California's legal legacy.

And on the topic of CSC history, John Caragozian's latest DJ piece is California's Violent Chief Justice -- David Terry, newly elected to the Supreme Court and also a Committee opponent, was present. Terry drew his Bowie knife – which he habitually carried – and gravely wounded Sterling Hopkins in the neck.

And see Daniel Webster’s unique Supreme Court legacy

The 2023 SoCal Super Lawyers magazine is out, and about 95 lawyers are listed on page 56 in the Appellate category.

The NLJ has Covering History in the Making -- U.S. Supreme Court reporter Marcia Coyle looks back at her 35 years of coverage here at The National Law Journal.

William Howard Taft, a president and a chief justice, once said: “Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court goes on forever.”