Monday, September 19, 2022

Happy Constitution Day!

Judge Ryan Nelson has a Constitution Day piece in today's Idaho Statesman:  On Constitution Day, remember the fundamentals of our republic. Too many no longer do, which begins "For 234 years, the U.S. Constitution has served as the bedrock of our government. Today, more than ever, Americans must understand our political heritage. Not understanding our Constitution hampers civic discourse and threatens our freedom. On Constitution Day, reviewing some fundamental principles will improve our nation for all."

Today's DJ has CALG's Charles Kagay in Attorney beware, frivolous appeal can lead to sanctions -- Every potential appeal should be evaluated before filing, for both substance and motive, by an attorney knowledgeable about the appellate process. The article cites Clarity Co. Consulting, LLC v. Gabriel, 77 Cal. App. 5th 454 (2022) as a recent example of sanctions for a frivolous appeal.

The DJ also has Judge Dorothy Wright Nelson will receive Lifetime Achievement Award on Thursday:
“Well, frankly, when I was first offered this, I turned it down because it’s really as a result of my founding of the Western Justice Center, and I consider the founding to be due to collaboration among a whole lot of wonderful people,” Nelson said.

And the DJ reports California Academy of Appellate Lawyers admits five new members:

The California Academy of Appellate Lawyers has admitted five new members. They are: Jeffrey I. Ehrlich of the Ehrlich Law Firm, Rebecca P. Jones of the Law Offices of Rebecca P. Jones, Jens B. Koepke of Shaw Koepke and Satter LLP, Judith E. Posner of Benedon & Serlin LLP and Leah Spero of the Spero Law Office.

The September 2022 issue of Litigation Update is now online, keeping you up to date on current case law.