Wednesday, September 21, 2022

DJ Top 100 list includes appellate lawyers

The DJ's Top 100 Lawyers insert is out today, and it includes a number of SoCal appellate lawyers: Ted Boutrous, Theane Evangelis, Barry Landsberg, Mira Hashmall, Norm Pine, Peter Stris; and a NorCal inclusion ... Jon Eisenberg:

Eisenberg's campaign against the 3rd DCA caused three appellate justices to leave office, including Coleman A. Blease, William J. Murray, Jr. and the presiding justice, Vance W. Raye, who retired as part of his CJP punishment. A fourth justice, Harry E. Hull, Jr., remains on the bench and may still face CJP discipline, Eisenberg said.

Today's DJ also has 36 cases transferred between appellate courts last month, but not the 3rd -- The transfer came two months after Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye announced in June she had created an Appellate Court Workgroup to look at “policies, procedures and case management” in the appellate courts.

  • The California Supreme Court transferred 136 cases between appellate courts last month. None involved the beleaguered 3rd District Court of Appeal — apparently because that court has not asked. In fact, according to the Judicial Council, the short-handed 3rd District has made strides in addressing its backlog.
  • Of the 136 cases, 18 came from the 4th District, Division 2, 58 from the 5th District, and 60 from the 6th District. Eight of the cases went to the 4th District, Division 2, 40 went to District 1 and 88 were transferred to District 2.