Thursday, September 22, 2022

CSC Year in Review

The Cal Supreme Court has posted its Year in Review, highlighting key events and statistics from the 2021-2022 court year.

  • The California Supreme Court issued 49 majority written opinions during the September 2021–August 2022 court year. (23 civil, 11 criminal, 15 death penalty)
  • The court received 5,577 filings, including 3,294 petitions for review from California’s six appellate court districts, and resolved 5,819 filings, including 3,545 petitions for review.
  • The court also debuted a new website, developed based on months of user input from attorneys, court staff, the media, and members of the public across the state. It features improved accessibility, including archives of oral argument webcasts and their related opinions organized by year.

And see here for 1/2 imposing frivolous appeal sanctions on client and counsel (in the amount of  $56,389.70 for respondent's attorney fees and costs).
This appeal’s “total lack of merit” is apparent. The only issue raised is whether the trial court abused its discretion by sanctioning [Appellant] on September 9.

(But no sanctions were imposed in a related appeal here.)