Thursday, July 28, 2022

Spanish maxims for appeals has Judge Bea and former Bea clerk Ben Feuer in Old Spanish Wisdom for Today’s American Appellate Practitioners--The Spanish are known for their many witty aphorisms, passed down over centuries, which they call refranes. As it turns out, some of these refranes carry with them useful lessons for American appellate lawyers today.

  • Al pan, pan y al vino, vino: “Call bread, ‘bread’, and call wine, ‘wine’.”
  • A caballo viejo, poco verde: “Don’t feed an old horse much young grass.”
  • Camino estrecho para ti; camino ancho para mi: “A narrow path for thee; a wide path for me.”
  • El mono vestido de seda, mono se queda: “Even though you dress a monkey in silks, he remains a monkey.”
  • A falta de pan, buenas son tortas: “In the absence of bread, crusts will do.”
  • Todo se contagia, menos la belleza: “Everything is contagious, except good looks.”
  • La venganza es un plato que los conocidos comen frío: “Revenge is a dish that connoisseurs eat cold.”
  • Incluso en el infierno se necesita amigos: “Even in hell you need friends.”