Wednesday, March 30, 2022

"Passim" passes: RIP reports that "The Supreme Court on Wednesday released some changes to its rules on the filing of briefs, motions, emergency applications and filings under seal" in US Supreme Court Says It's Passing on 'Passim'--also noting that passim is now verboten.


The Supreme Court of the United States today announced that it will entertain public comment on proposed revisions to its Rules. In addition to a number of technical changes, there are three more substantive amendments proposed. 
First, a new Rule 34.7 sets forth procedures to be followed when a party seeks to file documents under seal.
Second, amendments to Rule 37 remove the requirement that a party seeking to file an amicus curiae brief either obtain consent of the parties or file a motion for leave to file the brief.
And third, an amendment to Rule 37.4 sets forth procedures governing amicus curiae briefs in connection with emergency applications.