Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Moot court judges needed

UC Davis School of Law is hosting the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Civil Rights Moot Court Competition this weekend. They are in need of some volunteer judges for Saturday afternoon from 1:45pm to 5pm. This competition is virtual.  If you would like to volunteer to be a judge, please contact Vivienne Pismarov by email at  vapismarov@ucdavis.edu

Also of note: At The Lectern has this interesting post on the the Cal Supreme Court as a feeder court for SCOTUS clerks: 13 have clerked at both the U.S. and California Supreme Courts

Today's DJ has Dean Chemerinsky with There is no such thing as value-neutral judging: "Over a century ago, the Legal Realists exploded the myth that judges can mechanically apply the law without making value choices. Now, astoundingly, several U.S. Supreme Court justices are trying to tell us that their views and ideology have nothing to do with their decisions. That is nonsense and it is hard to imagine they are persuading anyone."