Friday, September 4, 2020

Appellate goodness for the holiday weekend

As we head into a hot holiday weekend, here are some appellate items to explore:

Today's DJ has Justice Moore's piece on Jackie Robinson, United States v. 2LT Jack R Robinson as well as Marc Alexander's book review: Notorious RBG Talks Life, Love, Liberty, and Law

The Recorder's On Appeals column has Katy Graham's The Far-Reaching Effects of a Landmark Decision on the Standard of Appellate Review for Clear and Convincing Evidence.

Tuesday's Exceptionally Appealing DJ column had a Top Gun theme about the Need For Speed in appeals.

In response to David Ozeran's article (DJ 8/25) about humorous opinions, retired LASC Judge Arnold Gold writs to include PJ Gilbert's famous spelling bee opinion: McDonald v. John P. Scripps Newspaper (1989) 210 Cal.App.3d 100, which is indeed a classic!

At The Lectern reports that Justice Moreno has been appointed to the LA City redistricting commission.