Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Opinions off to a great start

 Today's DJ has LaFollette, Johnson appellate specialist David Ozeran's Enhancing Appellate Court Opinions, about opinions that break the mold of being "dry reads." He cites:

  • Harris v. Superior Court, 3 Cal.App.4th 661 (1992), in which PJ Gilbert cites Shakespeare, Swift, Carroll, and Voltaire.
  • San Jose Neurospine v. Aetna, 45 Cal.App.4th 953 (2020), which PJ Gilbert starts off with a great opening.
  • Dobbs v. City of LA, 41 Cal.App.5th 159 (2019), which has a great first line.

Other notable openings cited in the article are:

  • Montoya v. Ford Motor Co., 46 Cal.App.5th 493 (2020), noting "we feel publication will facilitate appellate discussion in case we have it wrong."
  • Hester v. Public Storage, 2020 DJDAR 5107 (May 28, 2020), starts off with another quip.
  • Ward v. United Airlines, Inc., 2020 DJDAR 6547 (June 29, 2020)

Another recent, strong opening not mentioned in the article is noted here.

On the SCOTUS front, Law.com has Inside Virus-Era Supreme Court: How Clerks Adjusted to New Reality