Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Normal stuff...

Yesterday's DJ's Moskovitz on Appeals was Legal Research Part 1, presented as a conversation between an older and younger attorney about legal research. The older lawyer stresses:
California is blessed with sunshine, mountains, beaches - and terrific treatises. We're the world's 5th largest economy, with over 170,000 active lawyers. That means big bucks for law publishers. So unlike attorneys in Wyoming and South Dakota, California lawyers have excellent treatises available on California law - on a wide array of topics. We have general practice books -- like Witkin's Summaries and his Procedure tomes, as well as Rutter Group and CEB books on evidence, motion practice, and the like. Those publishers also have some specialty books, on landlord-tenant law, worker's comp, and other topics. These books are very well researched and written, and can give you a quick up-to-date overview of any subject they cover.
Today's DJ has Justice Hoffstadt's Goldilocks and the 3 Batson Fixes and Hastings Dean Frank Wu's Explaining Civ Pro, which is his paean to Civil Procedure. He concludes:
The secret, hidden in the open, is that Civ Pro is not the story. Civ Pro is the tool to tell the story, operated by opposing counsel, presided over by the judge. It is a series of questions that produces the answer. That is why it is fascinating.