Monday, September 23, 2019

9th Circuit nominations

The Recorder has:Trump Taps 2 More Ninth Circuit Nominees, and 4 for the District Bench in SoCal

The White House on Friday announced the nominations of veteran San Diego prosecutor Patrick Bumatay and former Nevada Solicitor General Lawrence VanDyke to seats on the Ninth Circuit. Also announced were four nominations for district judgeships in California—two in the Central District and two in the Southern District.

The DJ reports: Two more 9th Circuit nominees; four join logjam of California trial court picks

The White House announced Friday two nominees for upcoming vacancies on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — including a San Francisco post — as well as four candidates for district court judgeships in California.

Bloomberg has: Ninth Circuit Nominees—President Trump plans to nominate two lawyers to the influential Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, including an openly gay prosecutor who was previously nominated for the court. Trump’s selection of Patrick Bumatay – whose prior nomination lapsed in the Senate – and Lawrence VanDyke prompted criticism from Democrats and progressives, including California’s senators.

Law360 had: Trump Taps 2 For 9th Circ., 4 For Trial Courts In Calif.