Thursday, May 9, 2019

Appellate tidbits

  • Supreme Court Justice Groban spoke to BASF last night in a program titled What to Expect from the Brown Court. In a panel discussion following his presentation, the consensus was that calling the Supremes "the Brown Court" is neither useful nor accurate.
  • Justice Groban's keeping a busy speaking schedule.He will be keynoting the ABTL 46th Annual Seminar, The Transforming Business of Business Litigation (October 3-6) at La Quinta Resort.
  • Just in time for Mothers Day: See Mother's Thoughts for the Day: Ten Character Lessons about SoCal appellate lawyer M.C. Sungaila's newly released book.
  • AP has Federal judges have a way to make investigations disappear
  • Yesterday's DJ had PJ's Gilbert's column, A Moral Dilemma.
  • Tuesday's DJ was the first Tuesday of the month, and so featured Exceptionally Appealing. This month's installment, titled Abbreviated Justice, discussed memorandum opinions in California appellate practice. The online version of the article contains links to the following relevant rules, cases, and articles: