Monday, December 24, 2018

Josh Groban confirmed as state Supreme Court justice

That's the title of today's DJ cover story, which states:
Groban has been a top adviser to Gov. Jerry Brown since joining his campaign in 2010. He had been the governor's Judicial Affairs Secretary since 2011. In that time, Brown has appointed some 600 judges, a third of the California judiciary, and transformed the gender and ethnic makeup of the bench.
Groban will sit on the court when it next meets Jan. 8.
The new justice thanked his wife, Deborah Schoeneman, a writer who has worked on television shows including "Girls." He described how they married just months after he went to work for Brown. Because of long hours and constant work demands, he said he left her with much of the responsibility of raising their two children, 6 and 3.
"Many of us have pursued careers that required incredible sacrifices from our partners," Groban said.
"It sounds like the job you're taking is a lot easier than the one you've had," Becerra said, getting a laugh from the audience.
The Recorder has Joshua Groban, Brown's Fourth Nominee, Confirmed to California's High Court.

The DJ article also notes that Ioana Petrou and others were confirmed to the Court of Appeal at hearings on Friday too:
The other justices confirmed were Gordon B. Burns to the 1st District Court of Appeal, Division Five; Tracie L. Brown, 1st District Court of Appeal, Division Four; Brian S. Currey, 2nd District Court of Appeal, Division Four; and John Shepard Wiley Jr., 2nd District Court of Appeal, Division Eight.