Monday, November 26, 2018

Beds on Symbols of Authority

Image result for robe and gavelThe Recorder has Bedsworth: Symbols of Authority, about what "noted legal philosopher, sharp dresser, and Grammy award-winning rapper Wayne Michael Carter Jr." recognized as the "two symbols of authority: a robe and a gavel." Beds explains that judges have to buy their own robes and gavels. (See Gov. Code § 68110). And gavels, which he says are as useful as inflatable dartboards, are never really used. The single time he used a gavel in court, was "counterproductive, bordering on catastrophic." Read the column to get the scoop.

Today's DJ has articles of appellate note. Appellate Zealots features Sarah Hofstadter in Issue and Claim Preclusion in the wake of Samara. And Reed Smith's Jim Martin and David De Jesus offer Stay What? about the recent case of Marteney v. Elementis Chemicals.