Monday, April 16, 2018

The final Traynor Appellate Moot Court Competition?

This weekend the University of West Los Angeles hosted the 49th Annual Roger J. Traynor California Appellate Moot Court Competition, presented by the Witkin Legal Institute and The Rutter Group. A dozen California law schools competed, and the results are posted here, showing that Loyola Law School won the Bernard E. Witkin Award for best combined brief & oral argument.
The final round, on Sunday, was judged by APJ Lui, PJ Gilbert and Justice Bendix. Saturday judges were PJ Perluss and Superior Court Judges Kerry Bensinger, Matthew Guasco, Martin Herscovitz, Lisa Jaskol, and David Rosen, joined by practitioners Christopher Asvar, Miriam Billington, James Cameron, John Derrick, Melinda Ebelhar, David Eldan, David Ettinger, Janet Gusdorff, Eric Kunkel, Jill McDonnell, Norm Pine, Ilana Herscovitz Reid, Ben Shatz, and Probal Young. Congrats and thanks to all the students, organizers, and volunteer judges.

Now the very bad news: After 49 annual competitions, the Traynor Moot Court is poised to go extinct because funding is being pulled by Thomson Reuters. Unless someone steps up, there may never be a 50th Annual Traynor Competition... If you have idea$ for saving Traynor, please contact John Hanft at the Witkin Legal Institute ( and perhaps a working committee can be formed to save the Traynor for future law students!
Traynor judges for Saturday morning rounds.