Monday, September 12, 2016

Justice Alex C. McDonald, 1936-2016

That's today's title for the DJ's obit of Justice Alex McDonald, who "died suddenly [while on vacation last] Thursday at age 79. He served in Division One for 21 years." "Those who knew him spoke of his warmth, charisma and sharp aptitude, as a judge and as an attorney." "He was very intellectual and very serious but he also had a very sharp wit and always made people happy," said 4th DCA PJ McConnell. The article notes he was "one of the few appellate justices in California without lower court experience" -- i.e., he never served as a superior court judge. Instead, before serving as a justice, he spent over 20 years working as a real estate transactional attorney. A 2008 DJ profile of Justice McDonald stated that the only other judges in the district elevated to the appellate bench directly from private practice were Gordon Cologne (who served 1972-1984) and Gerald Brown (who served 1963-1985). The MetNews has a short obit today too: Fourth District C.A. Justice McDonald Dies at 79.
No services have yet been announced.