Friday, February 12, 2016

4-day weekend + DJ articles

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It's a court holiday today [Lincoln's B-day] and Monday [President's Day] for state court employees, so that makes for a four-day weekend! (Sorry, Feds, but you only get Monday.) Billable hours for the rest of us. And for future calendaring, the next state holiday is Cesar Chavez Day, Thursday, March 31.

In today's DJ, appellate specialist Gary Watt at Archer Norris presents State High Court Takes on Anti-SLAPP, about the four anti-SLAPP cases pending in the Supreme Court: Baral v. Schnitt, Barry v. State Bar, City of Montebello v. Vasquez, and Park v. Board of Trustees.

And Joseph Lipner and BJ Ard or Irell present The Final Word: The State High Court on Attorney Conduct.

For a published 2/5 opinion on appealability -- or lack thereof for an order lifting a litigation stay -- see here.