Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shades of Gray: To Err in Jury Selection

Today's DJ offers Shades of Gray: To Err in Jury Selection, blurbed as follows: "Not all errors at trial require a retrial. The state Supreme Court is in the midst of deciding which and which do no when the error involves jury selection." The author? None other than Brian M. Hoffstadt, identified as "a judge of the Los Angeles County Superior Court" -- at least for a little while longer... (The Gray is Gray v. Mississippi, not Christian Grey.)
Also in the DJ today: Appellate Court Appointee Therese Stewart Named in Whistleblower Claim. Oddly, the article mentions someone named Rothschild, but not the one we're thinking of as the new 2/1 PJ. The Recorder's story, which doesn't mention Stewart, on this claim appears here.