Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo Appellate roundup

Tidbits of note today: Three items in the DJ (one already noted in the post below).

Another is PJ Gilbert's monthly column, the current installment titled Taming Chaos, notes "whatever one thinks about the merit of any judicial opinion, or lawyer's brief, for that matter, the enterprise involves the same goal: bringing order out of chaos." He goes on to applaud the photographic artistry of lawyers Irv Greines and Eric Lawton.

Third: Justices Dial Back Caustically Worded Opinions, about modifications to the published  4/3 opinion in People v. Tirey, which had received attention because of the "strongly worded" nature of the  majority and dissenting opinions.

Also, from last week, The Recorder reported Snapchat Taps Hogan Lovells Partner for GC Slot about an appellate lawyer going in-house. That shouldn't seem so odd: Appellate lawyers would make great GCs for many reasons (ability to oversee and improve legal work, work in teams, have a broad general scope of legal expertise, etc.)...