Monday, November 4, 2013

Dueling Justice columns!

Today's DJ features Justice Gilbert's column, this month about ethics, titled "A Devilish Inquiry."
Presiding Justice Arthur Gilbert
"Though I seldom agree with Justice Scalia, I think he has been unfairly ridiculed for his belief [in the Devil]. Justice Scalia's Devil is for me a metaphorical concept, but no less real. The Devil represents the tempting shortcuts that are offered on our journey through life."

And today's Recorder has Justice Beds' column: "Legless Lizards, Coming to a Court Near You." Of course these columns are not actually "dueling" -- you should read both; the only question is which column will you get to first?

"Legless lizard? That's a snake."

"If you can distinguish a capuchin monkey from a capuchin monk, that's about all you need."