Friday, November 22, 2013

ABA CAL, CASA, AJEI Conference

So the really big Southern California appellate news from last week was the ABA's 10th Annual Council of Appellate Lawyers, Council of Appellate Staff Attorneys, and Appellate Judges Educational Conference, held in San Diego. This was only the second time the conference was held "out west," and last time it was in San Francisco (in 2005). Attendees from around the country were in abundance, as were California appellate justices and practitioners. Our Chief Justice gave a nice "welcome to California and San Diego" speech; Justice Liu was on a panel about dissenting opinions (summary here, courtesy of At the Lectern); and most of the appellate districts were represented, e.g.: Justice Humes from the 1st; Justices Gilbert (on the opinion writing panel) and Chaney from the 2d; PJ Raye from the 3d; Justice Richli from 4/2; Justices Moore (on the dissenting opinions panel) and Aronson from 4/3; Justice Detjen from 5; PJ Rushing from 6; and from the "hosting" 4/1, PJ McConnell and Justices McDonald, Huffman, Aaron, and Irion. Ninth Circuit attendees included Judges Randy Smith (a conference organizer who also spoke on some panels), Callahan, Graber, McKeown (on the dissenting opinions panel). (Apologies to anyone overlooked in the crowd!) Especially noteworthy presentations were made by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Solicitor General Verrilli, Professor Michael Klarman, Professor Eugene Volokh, David Frederick, and Deans Tacha and Chemerinsky.
Yes, it was definitely the place to be last week. If you were there and want to supply a write-up for this blog, please send it to me. And if you weren't there, well, you really missed out. Be sure to save the dates of Nov. 13-16 for next year's program in Dallas.