Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chief Justice Terry & Federalism: A Life & A Doctrine in Three Acts

As noted in an earlier post, on Tuesday evening the Reagan State Office Building hosted a joint presentation of the N.D. Cal. Historical Society, the Cal. Supreme Court Historical Society, the 9th Circuit Historical Society, and the California Historical Society, about Chief Justice David S. Terry (1857-1859) and federalism.
The actors included Justice Werdegar, Justices Epstein and Zelon, and Judges Guilford, Hatter, and Lew, and the audience included many other justices and the usual appellate-community suspects. The play was written and narrated by Richard Rahm (Littler Mendelson) with co-narrator Dan Grunfeld (President of the Cal. Supreme Court Historical Society).
With great elan, Justice Werdegar portrayed Sarah Althea Hill,
mistress to a senator and Terry's wife.
Today's DJ reports on the event, noting that "[i]t's doubtful any of Tuesday night's players will be leaving their judgeships for Broadway, but many of the performances were lively." Hear, hear! We wouldn't want to lose any of these stellar judicial luminaries from the bench anyway.
(Anyone who attended and would like to submit their summary or thoughts is invited to send that to me.)
At the same time, over at the Biltmore a few blocks away, the ABTL hosted a judicial reception -- and some of the actors and audience members from the play ran over to attend that as well. Now that's dedication to bench-bar relations!