Thursday, March 21, 2013

Handling Large Record Appeals

Last night's LACBA ACS program on Handling Large Record Appeals had a great panel and large crowd of interested appellate practitioners.

(No photo of Dennis Fischer available)

Naturally there was much discussion about "doghouses" -- a doghouse being a file folder that holds about four volumes of materials (so roughly 6" or 1200 pages).

In most divisions, an appeal with 4 or more doghouses is called a "jumbo" (in some divisions 3 doghouses qualifies as a "mini-jumbo").

By the way, the sample "doghouse from a jumbo" that was used at the program was "7 of 9" a phrase that was used repeatedly without anyone mentioning Annika Hansen (Jeri Ryan)...

"Can't that Jumbo be assigned to a red-shirted Research Attorney?"

And in today's DJ, the 2d District's APJ Roger Boren noted that although overall appellate filings are down since the 1990s, the court has been getting more jumbo cases than in the past.