Friday, November 8, 2019

"Monstrosity of an appellate brief"

A little late for Halloween, but: 7th Circ. Calls Appeal Bid In Mars Bias Suit A 'Monstrosity'
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  • The Seventh Circuit on Thursday refused to revive a former Mars warehouse worker's discrimination suit, saying her appeal was a "shameful waste of judicial resources" and demanding her attorney explain why he shouldn't be sanctioned. ... The three-judge panel said in its opinion that [Plaintiff's] appeal ... was 'utterly frivolous,' and that her 'monstrosity of an appellate brief' ["86 interminable pages"] was 'incoherent.'"
  • "The hopelessness of [Plaintiff's] cause didn't deter her lawyer ... from signing and submitting a bizarre appellate brief laden with assertions that have no basis in the record and arguments that have no basis in the law."
  • Fn.5: "The term 'brief'—derived from the Latin brevis, meaning short—seems inapt here. ... The brief is also a typographical nightmare. It uses five different fonts and various font sizes, including three different fonts in one sentence, and capitalizes words seemingly at random.
  • "Bad writing does not normally warrant sanctions, but we draw the line at gibberish."